Below are my personal recommendations for travel resources, including hotel booking and flights to travel review pages.


booking_com_@2x is my personal fave for hotels. The selection is massive and it’s nearly always the cheapest price that I can find.

Agoda is my second go to for hotels. I always check their prices against and if it’s cheaper, it’s a really easy booking system.


Hostel world is perfect if you’re looking for hostels. It has the most hostels listed on a booking site, and some of these hostels don’t come up if you’re on a hotel booking site.

There is no other place to book your flights apart from Skyscanner. This is the site I always use. It always has the cheapest flights, usually with a big difference in price compared to other comparison sites.


TripAdvisor is the best for reviews. It’s full of real people giving honest opinions on a variety of things, including reviews of hotels/attractions/restaurants, but it also gives a community to discuss topics.

This is a great website and app that gives the user information on travelling from one place to another, with links to bus routes, train times, flight details, everything! It’s great! You can literally search how to get from Rome to Rio and it will give you different travel itinerary options.